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2020-09-08 09:14:51

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The universe of Marvel’s Avengers simply allows us to have some interesting series of actions, today we will see How to escape from the sewers

Why escape the sewers in Marvel’s Avengers?

  Because it is an access point where Kamala has managed to avoid the arrest warrant that is hovering over her, this is because she is simply an inhuman thanks to the powers she has achieved with the Earth's Mist, because this happens after the avengers have been smashed.
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How to escape the sewers in Marvel’s Avengers?

 Reaching the sewers means accessing the places where things can get a bit complicated, first it is necessary to get some light, this means that we must concentrate on a search that involves visualizing a white lantern or a green light, as it is necessary since This place is dirty enough and it is necessary to go through some spaces to get the exit to a staircase that allows us to go outside, because here it is necessary to mobilize as much as when we are outside, only that it is in a closed and quite dark place.

 It is important to know how to escape from the sewers, because in the first instance it is necessary to consider that in order to access them it is important to make our way through the Parks of Heroes, fight with the enemies that are on these sides and create a gap to cross, because It is necessary to move through the sewers since some drones are chasing us after having managed to hack the AIM systems, as this is carried out while we are with Kamala where we will find ourselves in the painful option of escaping since it is not possible to fight against them .

 In one way or another, knowing how to escape from the sewers is a necessary task since we are immersed in a chase, because our actions have led us to it in Marvel’s Avengers but successfully we managed to be strong and escape.

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