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We welcome you to our Grounded guide where we will talk about how to create the workbench.

What to know about the workbench at Grounded?

Once we reach a certain point early in the game, we will have the resource analyzer, in this way we will have access to the different recipes and existing improvements, among them we find that for the unlocking of the workbench we must analyze the sap , with which we will get the recipe from the workbench and we find it in the backyard, it is a viscous orange substance, now what we will do is access the menu and go to the recipe plans corresponding to the workbench, this guide is intended to consider these aspects to explain how to create the workbench and that comes from here on out.
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    How to create the workbench in Grounded?

    There are some ingredients that we must have for the creation of the workbench, which are grass planks x3, twigs x4 and spoons of sap x2, then when entering the craft tab on land we will be able to create the workbench, Being this resource of vital importance for our overall progress in the game, with this it is possible to create armor and weapons with different advanced materials, including many types of weapons and useful elements such as the hammer and ax, without a doubt that this It is a great step to have more fun as we progress in this game.

      So we finish our guide on how to create the workbench, hoping that you can get the most out of Grounded, a very busy game.

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