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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-03 17:49:32

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The adventure in Genshin Impact does not seem to end and this is favorable to tell you how to complete the awakening of Vortex

What is Vortex awakening in Genshin Impact?

This is simply a necessary search that we must carry out in this game, in such a way that it usually happens quickly especially because it is possible to give it the best use as possible especially because we are involved in a search in the history of Zhongli.

How to complete vortex’s wake in Genshin Impact?

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  • This is a task that leads us to touch the witch icon that is located at the top of our screen on the right side.
  • Then it is necessary to locate the menu and select the Ancient History chapter.
  • Then we move to the port of Liyue where we get to the Pearl Gallery where we must get 3 relics in this way:

First relic: this is found inside a chest that must be looted after having eliminated the enemies, in such a way that it is necessary to face the Hilichurls that are surrounding the chest.

Second relic:
this is inside a box at the Liyue Customs, so it is necessary to swim until you get it, because the relic is on the same island as the previous one, only located a little further south.

Third relic: This relic leads us to the southwest side of the island where it will be necessary to fight with some copycat monsters, we must be careful and this is because they usually do damage in a way very similar to the Oceanoid, however, it is necessary to eliminate them and from then get the Mysterious Stone Tablet, so this makes us walk a bit in the west direction where we find Klimet and Wanyan hanging.

Now that you know how to complete vortex’s wake, it's time to embark on this quest where you will fight fundamentally in Genshin Impact.

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