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2020-12-03 11:10:58

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We continue our tour of Chronos Before the Ashes and it is conducive to showing you where to find the master key

What is the master key in Chronos Before the Ashes?

This is simply a necessary device that allows us to have the possibility of opening some doors that are duly closed in the first world, in such a way that it is necessary to embark on its search since it is a necessary task to progress.

Where to find the master key in Chronos Before the Ashes?

This is a search that leads us to have to carry out some previous activities and they are the following:
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Complete the small steps: This leads us to have to raise the water level of the fountain below the Guardian in order to move the spout, then it is usually necessary to choose to collect the Gem of the Cyclops that is on the raised platform, We continue the search and this leads us to place the gem that we got in the portfolio specifically within the library since this allows us to open a skull, and from there open space to go through the long path in the Guardian that allows us to reach the final room.

Defeat the enemy of the ax: this is another important task that is only possible after completing the small steps, so that once we get to the room and see the enemy, it will be necessary to defeat him to get the rune of the stone block on the table. .

Go to the control room: Now that we have the stone block rune, it is necessary to go to the mirror control room and choose to turn the rune to the left until we get a slot where it is possible to place the block.

Enter the mirror code: We continue our work and it is time to enter the code, so it will be necessary to take a look at this code in the closed closet, take it and enter it in order to go through the mirror to get a size smaller.

Finally enter the cabinet: this is the last task, as this leads us to go through the closet to get the key and push it out of the cabinet, then it is necessary to return to the mirror to finally get out of the closet with our goal.

Now that you know where to find the master key, it is time to perform this task, since this object allows us to open doors in Chronos Before the Ashes