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We welcome you to our guide, in which we will tell you Where to Find Dies Irae Score in Genshin Impact with details.

What to know about the Dies Irae score in Genshin Impact?

Update 4.6 is going strong and there is a lot to explore with the new Remuria region with its beautifully constructed Harlequin. There are many collectibles in the new area, One of the collectibles is an old harmonica music box sheet music that can be inserted into the music box. There are a total of six notes in the music box, some are easier to find and some are a little harder to find. Dies Irae is one of six Music Box scores. So this guide presents the necessary indications regarding Where to Find Dies Irae Score in Genshin Impact, let's see.

Where to Find Dies Irae Score in Genshin Impact?

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We can find Dies Irae in Caesar's Palace, southwest of Lani Initium. Here we will have to complete a mission and extract musical notes from the Dies Irae music box, along the way, we will see three statues near the music controller. We will follow the statue until we reach a cave at the end, which will take us to the next area.

Here we can walk again, so we continue along the path until we see a large door with a blue shield and a statue in front of it. We interact with the statue to begin the challenge. Let's remember to choose our best team before the challenge, as the challenge will pit you against four waves of the Vishap Horde. After completing the mission, the blue armored door will disappear and we can enter to find three chests and a music box containing Dies Irae. We take out the Dies Irae and put it in the music box.

Once we have added Dies Irae, we can play it on the autoharmonic music box. However, we must first complete the quest "Shadow Over Petrichor" to receive the Self-Regulating Music Box. The mission is pretty easy to complete, so let's not worry too much. After mining and adding Dies Irae, we will receive the rewards:

  • 20 primitives
  • 20 thousand debt
  • 3 ancient chord movements.
  • Capital guidance doubled

We hope that the information detailed here about Where to Find Dies Irae Score in Genshin Impact has been very useful for your fun and progress in this incredible game.

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