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Discover Where to Find Juliano’s Hidden Chest in Genshin Impact Impact with this excellent and explanatory guide.

What to know about Juliano's hidden chest in Genshin Impact?

We can unlock tons of new achievements in the latest Genshin Impact update. Some of them are quite easy to unlock, while others can be difficult to find. If you are trying to get them. In this guide we will see Where to Find Juliano’s Hidden Chest in Genshin Impact in the following content, let's follow it closely.

Where to Find Juliano’s Hidden Chest in Genshin Impact?

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Four chests can be found on the new Petrichor Island in the Nostoy region, Fontaine. Luckily, we can find them all together and, following the clues we find, we can open another chest. First, go to the southern Petrichor landmark, then go a little north to find the bell tower. Start climbing to find an ancient inscription that tells the story of Julian's treasure chests.

  • Chest 1 Location: Go to the western part of the mountain in Petrichor. You can get here by going northeast from the south marker. When you go up the hill you will see some trees. Explore the terrain near the trees to find mints and dig sites. Dig up the first treasure chest.
  • Chest 2 Location: Then head to the small lake/pond on the east side of the mountain. Once at the lake, explore its southwest side. Marcotte is located here and if you hover over him you will find the excavation site.
  • Chest 3 Location: Pass through Petrichor and reach a small island to the east. Here you will find the Waypoint Waverider. Explore the waypoint and find chest number 3.
  • Chest 4 Location: The last chest can be found north of the mountain in Petrichora. You will see a boat moored next to a tree near the shore. Dig up the last chest to get it. What do you mean you hide them? Achieve and complete the puzzle.

Finally, now that we are aware of Where to Find Juliano’s Hidden Chest in Genshin Impact we can access important rewards, it will be enough to follow what is indicated in this guide to continue our fun and progress.

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