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2024-04-28 20:29:25

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We invite you to discover How to Solve Washer Octopus Puzzle in Genshin Impact, a new task for this fun game.

What to know about the washing machine octopus puzzle in Genshin Impact?

We may have encountered Sea of Ages Past in update 4.6. There we will meet cute creatures called Washing Octopuses and solving their musical puzzles will be more fun than we think! These children are not ordinary sea creatures. They come in two colors: blue and orange. The mystery begins when we discover a blue octopus swimming next to strange and colorful flowers. This is where the questions begin, because this guide presents details regarding How to Solve Washer Octopus Puzzle in Genshin Impact, let's see them below.

How to Solve Washer Octopus Puzzle in Genshin Impact?

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Our task is to help the orange octopus reach a flower called a heterochromatic anemone. But here's the trick: we have to tell him to use the Symphony skill, the Wonderful Bellflower acts as a point of light and spins around to try to catch the orange octopus. We will need to calculate our actions carefully! When Incredible Tinker Bell returns, we will have to move the orange octopus, we maintain an elemental skill to move the orange octopus and tap quickly to stop it. If we have seen the squid fishing game, we will understand this task better, when searching, Hoa Than Ky will have big bright yellow eyes. We freeze our octopus friend in his place when we see his eyes! We will have to do this with all the orange octopuses we see around us.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to Solve Washer Octopus Puzzle in Genshin Impact will be very useful for your fun and progress in this incredible game.

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