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Genshin Impact has managed to involve us in his adventure and this leads us to tell you about where to find the pearl galley

What is the Genshin Impact pearl gallery?

This simple is a ship that we must specifically address in the port of Liyue, in such a way that this leads us to have to embark on this journey that in a way can be confusing when we start it, however, this first search may not be done difficult as long as you follow our directions.

Where to find the pearl galley in Genshin Impact?

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The galley is a large mother ship that leads us to have to specifically mobilize the southeast region of the Port of Liyue, in such a way that once we have managed to reach the place, it will only be enough to climb the middle mast to reach the top of the crow's nest, we continue climbing until we can jump to slide towards the Galera, since this allows us to get a hanging Zhongli, in such a way that we talk with it or simply move around to get the necessary information.

Another option to reach the pearl galley is to mobilize through the south coast using Kaeya, since it has an interesting elemental ability that allows us to have the possibility of turning water into ice, so once this has been done done, we simply went to the boat, because thanks to this there is no risk of drowning and we reach the goal.

Now that you know where to find the pearl gallery, it is the right time to carry out this search and thus entertain yourself a little more at Genshin Impact.

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