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Discover Where to Find Valley Gate Busting Yard Remarkable Chest in Genshin Impact. Find out how to unlock this valuable chest for rare loot and rewards.

Greetings, fellow Travelers! Are you in pursuit of the Valley Gate: Busting Yard remarkable chest in the expansive world of Genshin Impact? Look no further, for this comprehensive guide is tailored to aid you in your quest. Join us as we uncover the elusive location of the chest, gather the essential resources, and embark on the construction journey to build the Valley Gate: Busting Yard exterior wall at your serene Serenitea Pot.

Where to Find Valley Gate Busting Yard Remarkable Chest in Genshin Impact

Location of the Chest

Our journey begins by heading east from the Yaodie Valley waypoint. As you traverse the breathtaking landscapes, you will chance upon a Treasure Hoarders camp. To unlock the chest, you must engage in combat with 9 enemies in 2 waves. Once victorious, the precious Valley Gate: Busting Yard blueprint awaits within, ready to be claimed.

Gathering Resources

The construction of Where to Find Valley Gate Busting Yard Remarkable Chest in Genshin Impact exterior wall demands specific resources to materialize. Set your sights on acquiring Sandbearer Wood x6 and Iron Chunk x6. To procure the Sandbearer Wood, venture to the regions of Minlin and Lisha in Liyue, where the towering Sandbearer Trees await. As for the Iron Chunks, delve into the depths of caves and mines scattered across the wondrous realm of Teyvat.

Construction Process

Equipped with the requisite resources, the time has come to unleash your crafting prowess. Return to your serene Serenitea Pot and commence the construction of the Valley Gate: Busting Yard exterior wall. It is imperative to note that this endeavor will consume approximately 14 hours, necessitating prudent planning and patience.

Gathering Sandbearer Wood

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To acquire the Sandbearer Wood, seek out the majestic Sandbearer Trees nestled amidst the enchanting landscapes of Minlin and Lisha in the Liyue region. Employ your trusty tools to harvest the much-needed resource from these resilient trees.

Mining for Iron Chunks

As you embark on the quest for Iron Chunks, traverse the diverse terrains of Teyvat. Explore the labyrinthine caves and mines that dot the landscape, keeping a keen eye out for these invaluable resources. Utilize your mining skills to extract the coveted Iron Chunks from their natural abodes.

Embarking on the Quest

Armed with this invaluable guide, you are poised to embark on your exhilarating quest for the Valley Gate: Busting Yard remarkable chest in Genshin Impact. Let the winds of adventure guide you as you traverse the boundless landscapes of Teyvat, unraveling its myriad secrets and treasures.

As you venture forth into the captivating on Where to Find Valley Gate Busting Yard Remarkable Chest in Genshin Impact, may this guide serve as a steadfast companion, empowering you to navigate the myriad challenges and triumphantly claim the Valley Gate: Busting Yard remarkable chest. Happy exploring and crafting, fellow Travelers! The wondrous realm of Teyvat awaits your indomitable spirit and unwavering determination.

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