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Learn how to find all lost grimoire in Genshin Impact with this interesting guide today.

What to know about finding the entire lost grimoire in Genshin Impact?

Simply, embark on a necessary search in this game, and as we progress we are offered various tasks, today we tell you how to find all lost grimoire in Genshin Impact, and these grimoires are usually hidden among the ruins of the Castle Faded, the elusive Grimoires wander through the air, their ethereal forms attracting curious adventurers. To claim its knowledge, we must exercise the Pause Soundwave skill in the Castle Symphony, we just have to activate the Skill button near a book to stop its movement.

How to find all lost grimoire in Genshin Impact?

Grimoire of the First Order

The initial Grimoire is the easiest to discover, as we can often find it while following the enigmatic cat Osse in the quest of The Shadow Over Petrichor. Upon reaching the first teleportation point, we will turn left and discover a mystical bookshelf with its pages fluttering before it.

Grimoire of the Second Order

We follow the path to the world boss Legatus Golem, and, here we will find the second Grimoire, we just have to look for the floating arrows that guide us to the elusive book.

Grimoire of the Third Order

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Like the previous grimoire, the third is usually revealed while we are chasing Osse in Genshin Impact, this one awaits us near the teleportation point on the north side of Faded Castle.

Grimoire of the Fourth Order

Of the three grimoires in the library on the south side of the castle, the fourth looms over several wooden benches on the first floor.

Grimoire of the Fifth Order

Going up the stairs of the library, we will come across the fifth and final Grimoire. Another enchanted bookshelf maintains its ethereal form.

Grimoire of the sixth order

The sixth Lost Grimoire is usually the most elusive of all, located deep in the magical realm of Genshin Impact. To gain access, we must take into account the challenge of crossing a series of mystical platforms, an obstacle that only the most intelligent minds have been able to overcome. With persistence and precision, we will find our way to the second floor of the famous library, where we will expect a big crystal. A quick hit from a normal attack activates these platforms, taking the intrepid seeker to new heights.

Grimoire of the Seventh Order

It is necessary to delve deeper into this enchanted realm, the seventh Lost Grimoire calls from the west staircase of the great theater. However, one should not miscalculate the distance of the book's flight, since it is known that it rises quite high. With agile resolution, we must strive to reach the lofty resting place of the book, surmounting the stairs with vigor and skill.

Grimoire of the eighth order

As the last piece of the puzzle, the eighth and final Lost Grimoire will wait near the theater, floating above the grand central staircase of Faded Castle. This elusive tome is not usually revealed easily, but with keen observation and cunning, we will discover its secrets. We just have to approach it with grace and determination to claim the final Grimoire to complete our mission.

This is everything you need to know about How to find all lost grimoire in Genshin Impact, so focus on visiting the places described and completing this task.

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