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We invite you to discover How to Get Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy Artifact Set in Genshin Impact, task nine in this incredible adventure.

What to know about the capricious harmonic artifact fragment in Genshin Impact?

With the arrival of update 4.6, new challenges, locations and characters have been added. Amid these exciting updates, there are also new artifacts to obtain, such as the coveted Shard of Harmonic Fantasy set. This set is particularly useful for characters who rely on the Life Link skill, making it perfect for the newest addition to the roster, Arlecchino. For those of us looking to invest our resin in farming this set, here is a breakdown of How to Get Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy Artifact Set in Genshin Impact, just pay attention to the following details.

How to Get Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy Artifact Set in Genshin Impact?

We can obtain artifacts by completing specialized domains. To unlock the Fragment of Harmonic Fantasy set, we must conquer the "Faded Theater" domain and claim its rewards. This mastery requires 40 resins or one condensed resin to claim the reward. The entrance to the Faded Theater is located in the Petrichor region of Fontaine. By unlocking the domain, we can receive 5 Primogems and a Teleport Waypoint that leads to it.

Whimsical Harmonic Set Bonuses Fragment

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Each set of artifacts grants a unique "set bonus" that increases a character's statistics and provides a specialized benefit based on the number of pieces equipped. Check out the full effects of Shard of Harmonic Fantasy below:

  • 2 Piece Bonus: Increases ATK by 18%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus: Each time the Link of Life undergoes a change in value, this character's DMG increases by 18% for 6 seconds, up to a maximum of 3 stacks.

Optimal characters to use the Harmonic Fantasy set

The Life Link mechanic serves as an obstacle to healing our characters. However, with the help of this set of artifacts, we can receive increased damage by acquiring a new Life Link effect. Currently, only one character in the game is able to take advantage of this status, Arlecchino. We can conjure our own Lifelink effects and gain the benefits of increased damage, making it the ideal candidate for this artifact set. Additionally, the End of Deep and Flowing Purity weapons have the ability to grant an effect. Life link to equipped characters. While the first is a sword and the second a catalyst, any DPS character who wields these weapons can also make use of this set of artifacts. Although it is not very effective, it can be a viable option for those of us who cultivate this domain and find artifacts with exceptional statistics.

We hope that the information presented here on How to Get Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy Artifact Set in Genshin Impact has been very useful for your fun and progress in this incredible game.

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