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Discover How To Make All Special Order Potions in Genshin Impact. Learn the recipes and ingredients needed to create powerful potions. 

Greetings, fellow travelers of Teyvat! Are you ready to delve into the fascinating world of potion-making in Genshin Impact? Our beloved characters have specific requests for unique potions, and it's up to us to brew them to perfection. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the intricate process of creating special concoctions for Beidou and Eula, Venti and Diona, and Diluc. Get ready to gather rare ingredients, mix potent elixirs, and embark on an alchemical adventure like never before!

How To Make All Special Order Potions in Genshin Impact

Special Order #1: Beidou and Eula's Sleepy Potion (8th Day)

Our journey into potion-making begins in How To Make All Special Order Potions in Genshin Impact with Beidou and Eula's special order for a Sleepy Potion to help a friend fall asleep at night. This potion requires a Constitution base with the Relaxing trait. To create this soothing elixir, we will need to gather two Special Cala Lilies, two Special Dandelions, and one Special Sweet Flower. The Special Cala Lilies contribute to the potion's calming effects, while the Special Dandelions and Sweet Flower add a touch of tranquility to the brew. As we embark on this potion-making endeavor, it's essential to handle the ingredients with care and precision, ensuring that the final concoction exudes a sense of peaceful slumber.

Special Order #2: Venti and Diona's Sobriety Potion (14th Day)

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On the 14th day, Venti and Diona seek a potion to prevent intoxication, leading us to craft a Sobriety Potion with a Wisdom base and a Steadying effect. This antidote calls for three Special Windwheel Asters, four Special Cala Lilies, one Special Berry, and two Special Mushrooms. The Special Windwheel Asters, with their unique properties, form the backbone of the potion, while the Special Cala Lilies, Berry, and Mushrooms contribute to its stabilizing nature. As we carefully combine these rare ingredients, we must pay close attention to the brewing process, ensuring that each component harmonizes to create a potion that guards against the perils of intoxication.

Special Order #3: Diluc's Focus & Relaxation Elixir (18th Day)

Diluc's special order on the 18th day calls for a potent elixir that combines a Constitution & Wisdom base with Focus and Relaxing characteristics. The key ingredient for relaxation is the elusive Special Zaytun Peach, infusing the potion with a sense of tranquility and focus. As we await the availability of this rare ingredient, we can rely on the Special Dandelion, the only alternative with the Relaxing trait. This potion presents a unique challenge, requiring us to balance its dual nature of focus and relaxation, making it a truly compelling alchemical endeavor.

With these intricate potion recipes at your disposal, you are well-equipped to fulfill the special orders of How To Make All Special Order Potions in Genshin Impact. As you gather rare ingredients, mix potent elixirs, and embark on this alchemical journey, remember that practice makes perfect! So, get your cauldron ready, channel your inner alchemist, and brew up some magic that will leave everyone in awe of your potion-making prowess. Happy potion-making, fellow travelers! May your creations bring joy and wonder to the world of Teyvat.

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