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Discover Where to Find All Ash Woods in Genshin Impact, a nine task in this interesting and busy game.

What to know about ash forests in Genshin Impact?

Ash wood in the wild can be acquired in the game through the act of cutting ash trees. These trees can only be found in the Fontaine region, specifically in two designated areas within the Beryl and Erinnyes Forest subregions. To know Where to Find All Ash Woods in Genshin Impact we have the guidance in the following content of this guide, let's see.

Where to Find All Ash Woods in Genshin Impact?

A total of 66 ash trees can be discovered. Each tree has the potential to produce up to three ash wood logs after being struck several times. Once a tree's materials have been harvested, it will no longer produce any more trunks.

All Beryl Ash Locations

Within the Beryl subregion, all 26 ash trees can be found surrounding the lake, which is located directly south of the Statue of the Seven of Elynas. If we have not completed the associated puzzle, the lake will emit intense heat.

All Erinnyes Forest Ash Tree Locations

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A total of 40 ash trees can be located in Erinnyes Forest. The trail can be found directly below Weeping Lake Willow, to the east of the Misty Forest Trail. The road can be easily identified by the presence of Fatui camps surrounding it.

The most efficient method of growing ash wood

For those of us looking for an efficient means of obtaining Wood Ash, we simply visit the aforementioned areas in succession, acquiring all the materials before waiting for the game's three-day environmental reset period. Once the reset occurs, we will repeat the process accordingly. Growing Ash Wood in Genshin Impact is possible through the Teapot's wood transformation mechanism. We simply speak to Tubby and select the Create Furniture option, followed by the record icon on the far right to access the Convert Wood tab.

With the Convert function, we can transform various types of ores and secure 50 ash wood logs every week. Among the available options, we can use only pieces of iron and silver, since they are found in abundance. However, in the later stages of the game, Crystal Shards will become the preferred option, with a conversion rate of 1x1.

This is all there is to know about Where to Find All Ash Woods in Genshin Impact, with the instructions it is possible to continue progressing while having fun in this fast-paced game.

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