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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on Where to Find Tailleferre Music Score In Genshin Impact with precise details.

What to know about Tailleferre's musical score in Genshin Impact?

Taileferre's soundtrack is available in Faded Castle, we must match the two sides of the lost bill with the damaged bill to receive the desired item. After completing the main quest in Petrichor, the Songs of Harmony quest, return to the small town and speak to Tailleferre near the center of the area. Players may remember her from the quest "Echoes of the Ancient World", in which Melusine wishes to understand the music "The Melody of Vesta". This time it also offers a musical mission, in which Taillefer asks the player to find the musical theme of The Flying Stranger, now in this guide we will see Where to Find Tailleferre Music Score In Genshin Impact and only our attention to the following content will be enough .

Where to Find Tailleferre Music Score In Genshin Impact?

Pages of the location of your lost account (I)

Return to the Vanished Castle and we will collect the Lost Grimoire. Then we go towards the two floating book doors. Both gates are located on the south side of Faded Castle, on the middle level. This is how players can get to the first shelf:

Teleport to the easternmost point of Faded Castle: middle floor.

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We turn around, go down the small stairs and turn left. We follow the path to a hidden office, where we will find some broken points on the desk. We go up the stairs and in the middle of the stairs we will find the first bookshelf. We place the lost book and then use the Hold skill to split the book. We enter the passage, open the chest and we will receive the Lost Makeup (I).

Lost Account Location Pages (II)

From the first bookshelf, we continue up the stairs until we find the glass mechanism. We activate it with an attack and the blue platform will appear. We use the moving platforms to reach the top of the area. On the upper floor, players will find a second bookshelf with a Lost Grimoire next to it. We enter to obtain the pages of lost accounts (II).

The location of the restored point.

Once we players have lost on both sides, we go down the stairs and approach the table. We select "Combine" and send two items to repair the damaged point, turning it into a single item called the repaired point, when we have enough points, we return to Tailleferre and give him the item. The woman will reward the Travelers with 3 Heroic Wisdoms, 30,000 Mora and an achievement worth 5 Primogems named Flying Stranger.

So we come to the end of this guide, now you know Where to Find Tailleferre Music Score In Genshin Impact, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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