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Knowing how to use automatic driving is simply fantastic and it is an action that we are allowed to do in Watch Dogs Legion, let's see.

Why is it necessary to use automatic driving in Watch Dogs Legion?

  When we embark on this adventure, it offers us the possibility of launching ourselves into a somewhat complex world that does not escape certain realities, although they have their futuristic touch that makes it particular, here we find the possibility of using automatic driving that perfectly I could be configured by ourselves, in such a way that this allows us to move without worrying about all of London, the only thing that if it is necessary to be attentive is to establish a reference point on the map.
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How to use automatic driving in Watch Dogs Legion?

Carrying out automatic driving simply has its advantages, since they have the ability to follow the traffic rules on the road, which in a way is favorable, such as:

  •  The vehicle usually stops when the traffic light turns red.
  • Avoid colliding with other vehicles.
  • The driving speed is not very fast, which gives us the chance to observe the landscape.
  • Brake every time there are pedestrians and they are going to cross.
  • There is the possibility of activating the safety barriers.


 Driving automatically is actually quite easy, since it is necessary to first look for a reference point on the map since this allows us to move through several places:


  •  It is necessary to enter our vehicle and proceed to press X on PS4 or A on Xbox One, in the case of PC it is necessary to press Z on the keyboard.
  • Once this we proceed to open the map with Select on the console or Tab on the PC.
  • Then we place the waypoint just by tapping X / A or simply clicking the right mouse button on the map.
  • The blue lights let us know that automatic driving is enabled.
  • To deactivate this type of driving it is necessary to touch X / A on the console or Z on the PC keyboard.


 In the case of missions, it is necessary to understand that to do automatic driving it is necessary to take an independent route point, which makes it a more complex job, so that it is not exactly the most viable.

 This is all you need to know about How to use automatic driving, as it is an interesting option that we can do and that we can take advantage of in Watch Dogs Legion.

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