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In the Watch Dogs Legion universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to Melee hand to hand and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about Watch Dogs Legion?

This series has focused entirely on the use of weapons in different ways, where it is if the lethality weapons were not used, but with the ones we have at our disposal it is possible to reach the different places without being detected. , now it is important to consider that when we have the need to kill the enemies, one of the best strategies is to know how to Melee hand to hand, so the main focus that we will see in this guide and its content is to give us the details that will help us in such an understanding, let's see.
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    How to melee in Watch Dogs Legion?

    This style of fighting is capable of helping us sneak into enemy territories without them realizing it, it must be borne in mind that this kind of combat allows us to control the environment, if we are very withdrawn from our enemies, they will Combat with weapons, even if it takes us a long time to defeat them, the same thing happens, so a key factor is being close to our enemies and that we attack them quickly, the fundamentals of this style are important that we consider them, such as attacking, dodging, counterattack and break defenses, it is in itself something basic for these combats, our skills can improve in Breknuckle Boxing.

    It is important that the recruitment is of a fighter who works with his fists if we are going to have this kind of fight as a preference, for this this kind of fighters are found in the Bareknuckle arena, there are some characters that use melee weapons such as the wrench or a baton, which we can recruit, the purchase of the devices becomes another viable option, an electric fist is possible to buy for example, the combats of this type should be avoided if they have caused us enough damage, already which is the way in which we recover our health, it is important that if we decide to flee it is not so far, since the enemies will opt for weapons.

     Knowing how to Melee is interesting, since it allows us to develop and have more fun in Watch Dogs Legion.

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