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2020-10-28 08:24:14

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Genshin Impact continues to increase the tasks and today we are going to show you where to find wonderful merchandise Liben Event Day 1

What is the wonderful merchandise event at Genshin Impact?

This is simply a task that is clearly related to the first celebration that we can get since this game managed to be launched, and this is where it will be necessary to meet an NPC since specifically our task here is to know where to find wonderful merchandise Liben Event Day 1 , so it is necessary to work on some story missions where it is possible to get some clues.

Where to find wonderful merchandise Liben Day 1 Event at Genshin Impact?

Before embarking on this search, it is necessary to understand that this event begins on October 26 and ends on November 2, which gives us enough time to work and find Liben, the detail is that in this process we do not necessarily receive the liben box, as it is necessary to understand that there are a total of 7 wonder boxes, so this makes us choose any of them, which gives us the possibility of opening it with the object To find the 7 visions, however, our goal is to find Liben's since this traveling merchant has a unique wonder box, the important thing about all this is that we can open the boxes in any order, which is actually quite comfortable.
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The activities here simply do not wait and knowing where to find wonderful merchandise Liben Event Day 1 makes us have to make the most of these seven days that the initial event of this game lasts, based on the possibility that we can give you something useful to the Swipe to Reveal track, since with this it is possible they took the role of investigator to choose to locate Liben, and make sure that each track can allow us to review absolutely everything, although it is true, we can take the route to Monsdtadt since at It seems like this makes it look like a strange being in this region, because this allows us to get here thanks to our possibility of taking a look at our mailbox since specifically Piamon has left us some kind of reliable clue that makes us move, and as soon as we find out, it will be vital to help get some mushrooms, a total of 10 for the first day.

It should be noted that Liben in Genshin Impact is not a demanding being in terms of mushrooms since he does not ask for any in particular, he is conformist enough, which places us with more possibilities of achieving great things, among which is specifically the wonderful box, Of course, this is not necessarily conditional on a certain day, which allows us to choose to open it when we consider necessary, but based on the estimated time of the event, what if we are limited is to open a certain amount of boxes with Liben and it is so just two.

This is all we can tell you about where to find wonderful merchandise Liben Day 1 Event, as it is a task that allows us to have a period of one week to get the box and open it in Genshin Impact.

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