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2020-10-28 08:24:54

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How to beat Mara in Ghostrunner?

 First phase: at this point our work focuses on dodging and it is that it will be interested in hitting us, in such a way that it opts to bring its arm to the ground in order to take us, so our best bet will be to choose to flee, jumping to avoid be hit by some blow, and thereby get as far away as possible.

 Second phase: Our job should not only be to flee since in this way we do not achieve the objectives, and this makes us have to find a way to make his arm hit some electricity boxes, this can cause his health to be reduced , as this will cause it to be stalled and it is the right time to choose to cut it.

Third phase: Mara obviously will not stay calm and is more obfuscated at the moment, so that she will do everything possible to electrify the section of this field so it is necessary to climb the walls, and wait a little for this process to finish for to be able to go down, only that at this moment it is necessary to be fin to every detail on the ground because Mara will take advantage of it to make some attacks under the ground which could harm us, only that we will be intelligent and we will jump to avoid them, in the same way we continue to harm her to such an extent that she manages to reveal the electric field to which we dodge and inflict some damage to defeat her.

 Definitely, Ghostrunner has a lot of work for us, so knowing how to beat Mara is simply a task that will make us warm our engines to continue.

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One More Level, Slipgate Ironworks
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October 27, 2020
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