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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-28 15:27:39

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We have made for you a Ghostrunner guide where we are going to tell you How to use the FidelityFX and DLSS video option

What is the FidelityFX and DLLS option in Ghostrunner?

As the years go by we find great technological advances, some may become more significant than others, but somehow they make a difference, talking today about How to use the FidelityFX and DLSS video option makes us embark on a interesting journey based on the need to see it as a tool that allows us to enlarge the image location without having to distort it.
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How to use FidelityFX and DLSS video option in Ghostrunner?

To activate this function it is necessary to understand that FidelityFX comes with AMD while DLLS comes with Nvidia, both have some similarities in the performance of games, in such a way that it allows us to access common graphics options, which allows us to have the possibility To make some adjustments in the case of the FPS, as well as the range and thus achieve balance, the important thing is to achieve the necessary changes that can best adapt to our system.

The video option allows us to have a rate of 60 FPS which is actually quite fast, and only serves as a minimum recommendation, this is because there is a possibility that it can reach 120 FPS on the PC and from this Simply enjoy this game to the fullest.

To use the video option FidelityFX and DLLS it is necessary:


  •  Window mode: window without borders or window with windows.
  • It has a resolution scale: 10> 10
  • It has U / D resolution.
  • FidelityFX Upscaling: On / Off
  • It has a sharpening scale: FidelityFX 0> 100
  • DLSS: On / Off
  • DLSS mode: Performance, Balance, Quality.

 This is all you need to know about How to use the FidelityFX and DLSS video option as it is simply a possibility to fully enjoy everything that Ghostrunner brings, do not let this game overlook.

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