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Genshin Impact: How To Fix Shop Not Working Error

2020-10-13 11:24:21

Genshin Impact has arrived and with the some number of faults which does not lead to tell you How to fix shop not working error

What is store not working error in Genshin Impact?

This is a bug that is appearing these days for most of the players and is related to the region where we are playing, and that usually interferes with our gaming environment in such a way that it does not allow us to obtain any progress in this adventure. that simply becomes more interesting than we could imagine, because knowing how to solve the error of the store that does not work, in such a way that the message There is no content, does not hinder us.

How to fix shop not working error on Genshin Impact?

The first thing that will be necessary to think about is the possibility that we can execute the game file .exe, this occurs in the case of PC players in such a way that it is necessary to go to the file manager, and run said game from the desktop shortcut just by locating the game folder to launch .exe, because this problem is similar to as if there were some type of content that is simply not for sale.

In the particular case of our PS4, it is only necessary to have game updates since when there is a lack of this version, it tends to present some drawbacks, for which it is enough to press the Options button located on the control panel and proceed. to look for them.

It is possible that we find ourselves in the need to update the folder on the mobile and this leads us to have to choose to visit the application store to get the necessary updates, which allows us to go to the settings located in the drop-down menu.

Updating the game on the PC is simply a necessary task to avoid getting us with this failure and for this it is necessary to locate the "updateProgram" file.

If these game updates have not worked regardless of the platform we are playing on, it is simply time to take a somewhat more drastic action and it is to choose to delete the application to reinstall it from scratch. It is also possible to choose to create an account in another region and download the game from that new account, this does not interfere with the progress obtained in the previous account, since by playing it again in the previous region we can simply locate the progress we have made .

Now that you know, How to fix shop not working error, it is time to try it, because Genshin Impact has managed to understand perfectly well that it is impossible not to play.

PlayStation4 PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC, Android
Action role-playing
Release date:
September 28, 2020
Single-player, Multiplayer
age rating:

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