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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-13 17:06:37

More about: Baldur’s Gate 3

Knowing how to solve the moon puzzle is an important task that we carry out in Baldur’s Gate 3, let's see.

Why the importance of solving the moon puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3?

  Because they are vital and essential tasks that allow us to progress in this game, because we are facing an open world where puzzles, as well as riddles play a crucial role, these allow us, among many things, to complete missions, with high chances of getting ourselves on the way some powerful enough enemies.
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How to solve the moon puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3?

 Our task is to have managed to eliminate the Guts Priestess, eliminate Polma, eliminate the Ogre, to get the Priestess's diary that says: "Thus the interlocking circles will bring the full moons to coincide with the stars, while the darkness is projects where it belongs deep down. That chasm into darkness will remain sealed. I confess that design is not infallible to outsiders, but I had to sacrifice complexity for material strength. I have always wondered why Selune pulled me out of the Hall of Lasses. Wonders to serve in this temple as a priestess. Perhaps this was the reason. "

 Once we have read this, it is necessary to reach the sanctuary with a ray of light, as this allows it to shine on one of the plates that it has in the shape of a circle, there are a total of 4 interlocking plates, each with mini circles and one quantity of 3 different patterns, which must be solved in this way:


  •  New Moon - The circle is black.
  • Half Moon - Half is black, the other half is white.
  • Full Moon - The circle is white.


 There is the possibility of choosing not to solve the puzzle in the room only that for this it is necessary to have enough resistance of the material, but it is only optional and it is only for those who are interested in progressing through more puzzles right here, you can already with the steps mentioned previously it is possible to know how to solve the puzzle of the moon in such a way that it is not very complex at the end of everything.

 This is all you need to know about solving the moon puzzle, as this allows us to mobilize a bit and have a good amount of resistance in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Larian Studios
Larian Studios
Release date:
6 October 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
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