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Our journey through Genshin Impact allows us to tell you How to get Mora, let's see.

Exactly what is the Mora in Genshin Impact?

  This is a game that allows us to enter and perform a considerable amount of exploration tasks, missions and interesting events, in such a way that knowing how to get Mora becomes a vital task, especially since this is a necessary element to start the process of ascension of our characters and our weapons, in such a way that it becomes the necessary search for an important resource.

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How to get Mora in Genshin Impact?

 There are an interesting number of ways to achieve this goal and below we show you the necessary ways in which it is possible to do it in this game.

 Open the floating boxes: This is a task that allows us to choose to get between 500 and 2,000 Mora for each box, in this sense, carrying out this activity in Genshin Impact leads us to have some considerable amount of resistance, because knowing how to get to Mora is actually a necessary task that leads us to locate the floating boxes that are located in the bodies of water.

 Kill an enemy: This is a basic enough way to get Mora in Genshin Impact, although it is perhaps not the best alternative since they will give us very little, to the point of including the possibility of opening chests or solving puzzles.

 Open the chest of the Bank of the Port of Liyue: As we progress in this game it becomes necessary to know how to get Mora, as this is necessary to achieve promotion of both weapons and characters, however, sometimes it can become a somewhat more task complex, to do this work it is necessary to reach the bank of the port in Liyue and explore a little with the mere objective of finding a chest with Mora inside, because within it it is possible to get 200,000 Mora.

 Spending the sigils: It is necessary to make it clear that the sigils can be spent to qualify for the purchase of Mora, it is we have the possibility of being able to buy a considerable amount of thousands, only that this can be carried out in the souvenir shop in Monsdtadt, It is also possible to choose to exchange Geo Sigils at Minxing Jewelry, which is a souvenir-like shop to buy some considerable quantity of  Mora.

 Before proceeding to make the change from Sigils to Mora, it is necessary to consider that these can be obtained in large quantities when we carry out some activities that involve climbing some mountains to find loose rocks since these can reward us with Anemo or Geo sigils, in such a way that we know How to get Mora is one of the most interesting and necessary tasks.

Choose to receive Paimon offers: This is an option that allows us to buy some amount of Mora, because for every 20 Stardust that we have it is possible to buy 10,000 Mora, and we can get it to be updated every 30 days when we are somewhat limited by using 10 Stardust for every 10,000 Mora which is simply favorable at Genshin Impact.

Perform tasks from the Adventurer Manual, Experience and Commissions.

  •  Experience: Progress is a necessary task in Genshin Impact, so we are offered the opportunity to perform a number of missions and tasks that allow us to obtain Experience rewards and thus be able to opt for at least 50,000 Mora, for this only It is necessary to go to the experience tab once we have completed the missions.
  • Commissions: This is another interesting option to know how to get Mora, since there are daily commissions that allow us to achieve it and they will be at our disposal every day.
  • Get the Battle Step: This is an option, perhaps not the most important but it can be viable in Genshin Impact, this means that it is necessary to take the Battle Step and progress through it, as much as possible, since with this we can access some rewards that allow us to opt for Mora.

 This is all you need to know about How to get Mora, because it is actually a necessary task that allows us to make promotions in the characters and the weapons of Genshin Impact.

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