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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-02 03:14:27

More about: Sea of Thieves

As we move around in Sea of Thieves, it is necessary to find some objects, and therefore we are going to tell you where to find the captain's key

Exactly what is the captain's key in Sea of Thieves?

We must consider that this game has many things for us and specifically, knowing where to find the captain's key allows us to embark on a search for an object that is part of a necessary loot, here we have some amount of treasures which makes us enter certain particular searches.
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Where to find the captain's key in Sea of Thieves?

It is worth mentioning that this search can be a bit complex, because although it is true, this is an article that has a particular shine, there is no guarantee that it can be found quickly and easily, since it usually appears in different places which It can be somewhat confusing, this leads us to take care of looking for you through clues and this occurs in this way:

One way in which it is possible to see this key is somewhere in the journey where it appears to us as a type of track, since the key is simply found among some floats, which makes us go to the area where the barrels are located, Well, identifying the key should not take a lot of time because it usually stands out thanks to its blue glow, however, this is not the only way to observe it, it is not necessarily in this place mentioned and for this it is important to take a look at the beach where there is the possibility of diving and searching underwater because there are high possibilities of observing the key shining on these sides.

Our task here does not end with the key in our possession, this makes us focus on locating the treasure, at this point the previous tracks no longer have any kind of functionality so it will be necessary to leave them behind and continue, this means that we must go directly to where the shipwreck is because it allows us to get other different clues to find the treasure. In this sense, it is necessary to reach the shipwreck where we have the opportunity to observe some seagulls, as well as a lake of music, which opens the opportunity to arm ourselves with courage and explore, to the point that this allows us to find the captain's chest, him we open with the key that we found and we can take from there the "Merchant's manifesto".

 Now that you know where to find the captain's key, it's time to start this quest at Sea of Thieves and get a fantastic reward.

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