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Sea of Thieves has managed to take care of us and that is why we are going to tell you how to get pirate legend.

What is pirate legend in Sea of Thieves?

It is a necessary status to access the commercial company of Athena's fortune, being the main requirement for this to reach level 50 in 3 commercial companies, making purchases that are directly related to them, which leads us to search the necessary details on How to get pirate legend and which are presented below.
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    How to get pirate legend in Sea of Thieves?

    This is mainly based on prestige, so we have that Athena's Fortune Hideout is the best option to find new missions, it is appropriate to consider the commercial companies that we have in Sea of Thieves, obviously we only have to work on 3 of them to To achieve level 50, let's see what are the Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance, Gold Hoarders, Hunter's Call, Sea Dogs, Bilge Rats, Reaper's Bones.


    •  Get the title: once at least 3 of the trading companies have reached the required level of 50, we have to go to the outpost taverns to talk to the mysterious stranger, in this way as to How to get pirate legend This will grant us the corresponding title.
    • Leveling up: for each time we enter a server, the best option to increase our level is to register as a commissioner in the companies, of those that are available we must choose only 3 to focus as much as possible to upload them one by one, at the time of abandonment of the server we have that the value of emissary will be restored and what happens is the need to establish our position with these, while we do more on one occasion we have that the shares are of greater value.
    • Best companies: each of them has its focus on different styles, but if we do not want to risk ourselves to improve levels, it is ideal that we work in the companies that are the most accessible, among them we have at the command of souls, hoarders of gold and bilge rats, each one of them has representatives in the outposts, being considered the simplest for the level increase, now of the 3 mentioned the bilge rats is the remarkable one for the utility it will provide us in buying most of the valuables.
    • Bilge rats: once we are close to the required objective of level 50, it is appropriate to consider the bilge rats to help us, once we speak with Larinna in one of the taverns of the outpost we have to access the purchase option of a level for the companies that we want when paying 30 doubloons.

     Now that you know how to get pirate legend, it is time to start this search and tell us how you are doing in Sea of Thieves.

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