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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-02 01:37:34

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As we progress in Stardew Valley we get more activities and this allows us to tell you How to get fairy dust

What is fairy dust in Stardew Valley?

Resources are necessary and interesting elements with which we get throughout this game, so knowing How to obtain fairy dust is emerging as an ideal necessary task to speed up the production of special objects and is presented in the most recent expansion of Stardew Valley and which they have called the "Ginger Island"

How to access Ginger Island in Stardew Valley?

Before embarking on the quest to know how to obtain fairy dust, it is necessary to take care of unlocking the ginger island, as this area is usually achieved when we complete the content of the community center, which makes it an end-game place, but it is necessary have some necessary requirements that allow us to repair the boat and with this we are allowed to access the island, for this it will be essential to have:
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  • 200 hardwoods.
  • 5 battery packs.
  • 5 iridium bars.
  • 1,000 gold to reach the island.


 The 1,000 gold is essential to mobilize on the boat until we reach the island, as soon as we arrive it will be necessary to take care of carrying out certain activities, for this we must locate ourselves in the westernmost point of the island, because there we get some nuts golden, in addition we are presented with the opportunity to meet an NPC named Birdie, this offers us a search that is called the "pirate's wife" and it is a necessary task to know how to obtain fairy dust, because while we we take care of carrying out this task we are allowed to get the recipe for the powder in Stardew Valley.

Once we manage to carry out the search for the "pirate's wife" and complete it, Birdie will give us a war souvenir object, this usually happens when the mission begins that consists of making some exchanges and thus reaching the final object by doing Knowing how to get fairy dust becomes an incessant activity, because this exchange simply has this progression:


  •  We got the gourmet tomato salt after giving the Kent war souvenir.
  • We got the rose after giving Gus the gourmet tomato salt.
  • We got the advanced remote control after giving Sandy the Stardew Valley rose.
  • We got the Arctic shard after handing George the forward remote.
  • We got the Twisted Worm after giving the Arctic Shard to the Arctic Shard.
  • We got the pirate medallion after giving the twisted worm to Willy.
  • We managed to complete the mission when we gave the pirate's medallion to Birdie and he gave us the recipe for making the five-nines stardust.


 How to get fairy dust in Stardew Valley?

To achieve this, it is necessary to have certain necessary requirements and this implies:

A diamond: to achieve this it is necessary to reach level 50 in the mines or enter the deepest levels of the same which may imply level 9, because with this it is possible to duplicate some diamonds and perfectly well turn them into dust.

A fairy rose: this is just a flower that we can get during the fall, it can be grown in pots or simply obtained in greenhouses.

Once we get the fairy dust it will be necessary to take care of using it, as this allows us to improve the level of certain objects, because when we manage to make combinations between silver and fairy dust perfectly well we can achieve that the quality of the object is gold, which comes to put an interesting spin on Stardew Valley.

 We can conclude our guide on How to get fairy dust, because with this we managed to accelerate some special objects throughout Stardew Valley.

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