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The enemies are pate important in Sea of ​​Thieves, and therefore it is necessary to tell you how to beat the Kraken, let's see.

Who is the kraken in Sea of ​​Thieves?

This is simply a formidable enemy that has tentacles and with which we get in this game, so knowing how to beat the Kraken makes us have tables, as well as cannon balls and some extra bananas, because this is a beast that in reality will occupy us for a long time.

  The kraken simply usually appears when there is no active event on the map, also it is usually in deep water, but it does not allow us to easily track it, however, realizing that it is close is just by observing the sea that surrounds our boat we succeeded, here we realize that it turns a bright dark blue, medium black and cloudy.
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    How to beat the Kraken in Sea of ​​Thieves?

     This is a task that we need to do, but there is no possibility of doing it alone, because we are talking about a beast which implies teamwork, for this it is necessary to think about each movement that we are going to give in Sea of ​​Thieves, because for this it is important to consider:

     Providing blows to its tentacles, for this it will only be enough to aim at them, because this is where it is necessary to use weapons and cannons, the detail is that when we attack continuously it will seek to submerge making the possibility of knowing how to defeat the Kraken can become somewhat more complicated, just by withdrawing the sea water returns to its natural color, but this does not mean that we have defeated it, because it is only a battle and here we are allowed to have the possibility of mobilizing our ship, allowing This way to repair it, because specifically the kraken has managed to do considerable damage, and it is our task to repair it, but this work requires being careful in Sea of ​​Thieves because we are not only busy repairing the holes but so that to complete this beast will be guarding us for attack us with its tentacles.

     Knowing how to defeat the Kraken is really a complex task and this is because this beast will do everything at its disposal to attack us with its tentacles, this allows it to damage our ship and places us at considerable risk, as it will try to drag us as much as possible towards the ocean where defending ourselves becomes more complicated, however, we must obtain the strength to cut the tentacle that drags us, considering that some tentacles can be more dangerous than others, because sometimes they have a mouth, and it will choose to grab us and hurting ourselves we just have to get one of our colleagues to help us, because that is where teamwork takes effect and we must continue to cause damage as much as possible.

    Now, once we manage to beat kraken in Sea of ​​Thieves, we are allowed to:


    •  Get the loot that it will drop when defeated.
    • Get a piece of meat that we can cook and eat, as this is favorable to increase our health.
    • We can choose to trade the kraken meat in Hunter’s Call.

     Generally speaking, knowing how to beat the Kraken is a necessary task that allows us to beat a beast, in addition to taking valuable loot in Sea of ​​Thieves, you should give it a try.

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