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Knowing how to hunt a ghost is a necessary task that we can perform when we are playing phasmophobia.

What does phasmophobia bring us?

  This is a game where ghosts are the order of the day and it is our task to hunt them down, because this is a horror game that will keep us in suspense, especially because it has managed to sell itself on Twitch with great receptivity, which leads us to achieve be ghost hunters and likewise some specters and demons.
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    How to hunt a ghost in phasmophobia?

     It is necessary to consider that the hunting process is quite complex and this requires having some aspects of interest such as:


    •  The radio interfered with: this can be somewhat confusing, because if we keep the button pressed the only thing we will hear is static, and when we speak there is no one who can hear us.
    • The heartbeat: it is possible to hear the heartbeat and in this way the ghost will come to us which leads us to have the possibility of breaking the line of sight of the ghost, it is only applicable with the lights flashing or the radio jammed.
    • Blinking lights: when we observe that the lights blink, it means that the hunt has begun.
    • Graph of total activity in the truck that reaches 10: it is only possible to receive static from the radio and the lights keep flashing, although it may not necessarily be related to hunting it is better it is not in this place, just wait until it reaches 0 to warn your companions that the hunt is finally over.


     To hunt the ghost it is necessary to consider that it can materialize near someone that can hold a crucifix, because it will simply damage it and break it, in such a way that it is easy to identify the hunt makes us feel the need to safeguard ourselves. we hide until the hunt is over as this takes about 8 seconds, the time needed to hide

     This is all we can tell you about How to hunt a ghost, as it is a complex task that can only be observed in phasmophobia.

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