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Guide to learn How to find goats in Minecraft Caves

With the updates recently implemented to Minecraft Caves & Cliffs, it has been seen that the caves have much more detail in terms of depth among others in addition to the fact that goats can now be found on the ground.

Goats are a new animal that is apparently passive to you, but they can attack other mobs around them. There are versions for both adults and babies that will likely have similar reproductive mechanics to other passive animals like cows and sheep. Anyway, we will teach you how to find them in the game.

How to find goats in Minecraft Caves?

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    In the game they chose the mountain goats. So you can find them in mountain biomes, usually towards the point where there may be some snow, including newly added powder snow. Another sign that you may be around some goats if you are on a mountain and come across raw steak, pork chops, lamb, or leather, as the mobs they belonged to were probably knocked over by a rammed goat.

    Goats can also jump high in the air, so they can be easy to spot from a distance if you are at an altitude equal to or higher than them. They are the same size as sheep, pigs, and cows, but due to their white color, they can sometimes blend in with their snowy bottoms, so keep an eye out.

     Now that you know how to find goats in Minecraft Caves you can take this opportunity to meet this new animal added to the game and who knows, get some material from them (if you attack them of course). Luck!

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