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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-07 15:33:46

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Guide to learn where to find amethyst geodes in Minecraft Caves

  It may sound a bit complicated to collect amethysts, but it can actually be very simple. Amethyst crystals can only be generated within a new generation type of small caves called the Amethyst Geode.

The geode is made up of geode blocks, which are a type of block that cannot be obtained with any tool currently in the game, not even the touch of silk enchantment. You can recognize a geode block by its unique purple color and glossy-looking design, even if you can't see any glass yet and even if it doesn't emit light. With all these details about this type of stone, you may be wondering where to get such a delicate stone, then do not worry, we will tell you about it in this guide. Stay to find out more!

Where to find amethyst geodes in Minecraft Caves?

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You can only find amethyst geodes underground as it is a type of cave generation. This makes it a very small semi-precious stone, and since it is not known where it is located in the overworld, such as the Lush Caves and their acacia trees, tracking one can seem almost impossible.

With that said, there is a way to know that one is nearby, even if you don't have visual cues yet. When you are on or near an amethyst geode, you will hear the sound of bells ringing. It is unclear whether these radiated from the blocks, the crystals, or from the location itself in a manner similar to the way the mine shaft had mine wagon sounds.

Once you've located the geode, you can collect Amethyst Shards that can be used to create the new Telescope Tool. Whether or not the shards will have other uses remains to be seen.

 Now that you know where to find amethyst geodes in Minecraft Caves you will be able to keep an eye on the sound that surrounds you in the game to be able to be close to the amethysts that you need so much for your next creations. Luck!

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