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We invite you to discover How to capture a photo of the ghost a new task in Phasmophobia.

Why capture a ghost photo in Phasmophobia?

  In stage 3 of an investigation in the game, it is when the ghost can be complicated, being ideal that we have another person by our side, which would allow us to defend ourselves and complete as much as possible of the investigation where a photo of the ghost would become key as evidence to identify it, considering that time can be a great obstacle, now it is necessary that we know how to capture a photo of the ghost and we will see those details if we continue with the reading, then let's do it.
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How to capture a ghost photo in Phasmophobia?

 To get the photos it is necessary that you take them to the following:


  •  To the sink with the dirty water that is very close to the ghost's room, we need to fill it first.
  • With UV light we will find footprints
  • Ghost writing
  • A bone
  • To the E.M.F reader who possibly leaves us money
  • We can take the ghost if it is not hunting us


 It is ideal that we are accompanied so that one of us can take the photos and the other is attentive to danger, with a crucifix in hand, it is ideal that having the necessary tests already leave here as quickly as possible otherwise it is dangerous, if we did everything Well, it is a correct investigation as to how to capture a photo of the ghost will be solved, now it is ideal that we have many precautions for our safety, time is an important factor, which if we have good lighting we will see the extended time, but this is ideal for the second phase in Phasmophobia.

 It is possible that the crucifix gives us the necessary protection, we even have to test if throwing it in the room can work, but holding it is enough to prevent the ghost from marrying us, this when sanity is low, the radius of reach of the crucifix is ​​really low, the person who is holding it must be located in the middle of the place, now if we are being hunted we will have to hide where the closing of a door is achieved while being completely still, it is possible that we delay the hunt for a few moments with the stick of the stain , the time gained for more than a few seconds will help us to hide, considering that the corridor is not the ideal place for a hiding place.

 In this way we finish our Phasmophobia guide, now you know how to capture a photo of the ghost, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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