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Angel Marquez
2021-04-16 16:07:39

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Delve into the universe of Outriders, because today we are going to tell you how to beat yagak.

What to know about yagak in Outriders?

It is about a boss that we will face, going through a couple of stages where each one of them presents different combat strategies, it is important that we are prepared with our skills and other supports, then to help us with details on how to beat the yagak , we have this guide and its following content.
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How to beat yagak in Outriders?

Stage 1

Our main object at this stage is that we can dodge the attacks of this boss while we stay very close to him, short distance attacks being very simple to evade, it does not have a direct physical hit, it invokes a shield and rays of light, how much with a movement with a small area of ​​effect which is called ground blast, it also has another similar movement called grip shock, with which it stays in its own location, as for how to beat the yagak, both attacks can dodge them with ease, but it must be quickly, we can even cause some damage at this moment, the disadvantages will be in this confrontation is in the anomalous failures, considering the invocation of a pair of orbs that will serve as turrets, we must focus on these to destroy them while we dodge the projectiles, this is something that comes to invoke throughout the combat and forces us to be vigilant.

The interruption ability is important, this in order to prevent the lightning charge from firing, this attack cannot be dodged, so you must be attentive to the launch bar, as long as we follow these tips we will easily get out of the first stage of this combat in Outriders, now when it invokes the add-ons is when we have to heal ourselves and be ready for stage 2, we must overcome stage 1 without depending on the advantages or mods that are related to death.

Stage 2

At this stage we will see that yagak has a new chain weapon, which has a considerable range, so it is necessary that we maintain a significant distance, its lightning attack will go in the same way, which we must interrupt for the reason of not being able to dodge it. , in the case of the grappling hook we have to cause a precipitation against us by yagak, which will be very close to us turning the chain 3 times by the head until it reaches 4 and at this moment it is ideal to keep the distance to stay alive, now we will see the boss summoning his shield and some berserker mobs, which will be useful to heal ourselves with these deaths and be ready for the attacks that will come, when his shield is down it is our opportunity to do him damage, because there are windows in full animations, at this stage it also performs invocations of anomalous cracks and some ground attacks, you have to dodge the latter at the same time ime that we are eliminating the turrets, it is certainly something complicated, if we die we have to start all over again.

 Finally, now that we know how to beat yagak we can move on to Outriders.

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