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2021-04-09 04:25:05

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Today we bring you a Outriders guide, where we will explain how to beat Yagak.

Who is Yagak in Outriders?

After important progress we have reached the final confrontation, which is with Yagak, we must highlight the route through which we went to reach this point, certainly as it is the final boss it must be for obvious reasons the most complicated confrontation in the game, it is appropriate to have an idea of ​​How to beat Yagak, then for this we will have the details to follow in this guide, let's see what we find next.

How to beat Yagak in Outriders?

The first thing we have to consider regarding how to beat Yagak is that we find the necessary equipment in Outriders, for this at least our character must have level 25, have as many skills as possible, health and enough power high, it is ideal to have some experience with shooters, one of the appropriate strategies, the hotkeys must work with an offensive and defensive ability, with which we can focus on those attacks of greater vulnerability that allow us to solve little by little How to beat Yagak, in turn we will defend ourselves and heal ourselves, an important detail is that the effects of almost none states will work against this boss, therefore our focus should go on the base damage in Outriders.

It is appropriate to consider the classes and their respective combinations that can help us to come out well during this fight and manage to solve How to beat Yagak in Outriders and these are the following:

  • Technomancer: in terms of offense we have the wave of fixation and defense the devastated turret.
  • Pyromancer:  attack with volcanic rounds and defense with feeding the flame.
  • Trickster: Offense goes with twisted rounds and defense with prey hunting.
  • Desvastator: we have the endless masses in attack and the Golem as defense.

It is important that we have the strongest of the teams, the highest level and among other capabilities, so before entering the final combat we can choose to make different improvements to assume this final challenge in Outriders with more tranquility and efficiency, which will allow to be able to fight it, when we have what is necessary we will be able to enter the final combat and find the solution as to how to win
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First stage: at the beginning of the combat we will see that Yagak will come with alteration abilities that allow us to attack and protect ourselves at the same time, the most used by him being the invocation of fixed orbital turrets and the destruction of the ground using a large tentacle, also It uses a burst of energy, which it usually uses when it gets closer to us and takes advantage of it to make an AOE burst at that moment, when it protects itself, it will be preparing an expansive wave capable of passing through the ground, it is important that if we are going to seek to see How to beat Yagak let's stay away from him, at least in the range that can be reached by our abilities, what we will do is kill the turrets to have less to avoid in Outriders the instant they appear.

It is vitally important that we are very attentive to the ground to follow the destination of its attack, something that should not be a problem to avoid rolling or running, in case it uses the tentacles we can roll to one side of the AOE, the gravitational attraction. We can avoid it by running, it is ideal that looking to see how to beat Yagak that we wait for him to use against us the AOE attack, or he is looking to protect himself with his barrier, because at that moment is when we are going to attack him with our offensive ability and our shots, in turn we will dodge, in case of being hit we will use the defensive ability in order to have an improvement in guard or heel may also be necessary, so repeating this strategy in Outriders from one moment to another this stage will come to an end, and we will go to stage 2 of the final combat.

Second stage: being this the last stage of the combat, it should be noted that it will be with greater difficulty, it certainly has altered skills, but it will come against us with greater aggression with powerful melee attacks when using chain whips, with which he is also able to mix with his skills, an AOE attack of great impact will carry out against us in Outriders, cutting the ground in a cross in his path, then he sees himself exploding the ground where he has hit, all this adds up Even what we saw during the first stage, what we have in our favor in the search to solve How to beat Yagak is that his attacks are still telegraphic similar to those of the first stage, so it can be easy for us to follow the pattern of them to avoid them, we just have to pay attention to them.

All over the place we must be in constant circular movement while we are dodging their attacks in an ideal way, the moment it comes to invoke turrets we must destroy them quickly and focus on How to defeat Yagak again, noticing that he does not have the active barrier It is when we can use our offensive skills and bursts of bullets, when his health falls to a certain amount he will seek protection with his barrier and will bring some enemies to consider in Outriders, by doing this he frees himself from his barrier, with The purpose of supporting their invocations, what we will do against this is to go around all around them killing in turn the enemies that are very basic quickly, preparing to give everything to Yagak, we will continue like this Until we finish beating it

Finally, now that we are aware of How to beat Yagak, it only remains to follow the tips presented here and apply them to achieve Outriders completion.

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