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With our Outriders guide you will learn more about how to find all weapon parts.

What to know about the weapon parts in Outriders?

  Through the great iron mission we will have the opportunity to obtain a legendary weapon, only that for this you must find 3 parts of weapons, being necessary to go through a fortress that is desolate, then talk to Channa to start the mission, even working on some Echos the main mission, now to have an idea of how to find all the weapon parts we can consider this guide and its explanatory content, let's see.
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    How to find all weapon parts in Outriders?

     Once we enter the mission that Channa gives us, we must go to the location of the fort, which presents us in the middle of the way some confrontations with enemies, we must kill them and continue our path that will put us at the entrance of a tank, it is important that for this we use an interaction key, which allows how to find all the parts of weapons to create an opening in the fort, thus achieving access and advance inside, which allows us to face more enemies, then we can go through a blockage to get to the area that follows in Outriders, only it is ideal to completely go through the building that has an arrow marked to find a chest.

     When we get the chest, what we will do is continue through the area that is being obstructed by the blockade, which we will destroy, we must check the building that is on the right, because there is a chest inside, then we go through an enemy confrontation in the next area, which makes us get a diary that will allow us to reach the end of the echoes of the mission, here again there are enemies, when we finish with these we reach the search for the great iron through an entrance that is below , here we have to look for a cave in Outriders.

     In relation to How to find all the weapon parts, we will find the first part in this cave, we take it and continue on, until we find many enemies, which puts us in the area where the second part is, being timely to review thoroughly to find a chest and when taking this part of the weapon we will go to a point that is full of ferals once more, after facing them we will reach an area where we must climb some stairs that have an arrow pointing to the final part, then we take it, and it is possible to make it one of the 3 legendary once we return to the camp.

     Thus we finalize our guide on How to find all weapon parts, hoping that you can get the best out of Outriders, a very busy game.

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