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2021-04-08 12:01:43

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Outriders has come to entertain us which makes it necessary to tell you How to get leather.

What is leather in Outriders?

This is simply a necessary and very valuable resource that we get here, it is a necessary element in the manufacture of weapons and armor, fortunately throughout the game we are presented with options to collect interesting and favorable materials.

Leather is often useful for:

  • Make weapons,
  • Raise the weapons level.
  • Improve objects.

How to get leather in Outriders?

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This is an activity that involves:

  • Kill monsters and creatures, as we can do this activity all over the map, since their skin is simply the most favorable source to get this resource.
  • Dismantling weapons and objects usually works as a favorable action to get leather, as this allows to drop some amount of favorable resources, in fact there is the possibility of getting some mods that can allow us to use them to make weapon upgrades.
  • It is possible to see that the body can fall from loot boxes that can be scattered all over the planet.
  • There is the possibility of cultivating the leather by different creatures among which we can indicate that Screeches are the ones that tend to have the most probability of falling, and they usually appear in the area of ​​the mountain rope bridge.

This is all you need to know about How to get leather, it is only necessary to embark on this search through Outriders and that's it.

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