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With our Outriders guide you will learn more about all the legendary armor, let's see.

What to know about the legendary armor in Outriders?

They are the best that we can find throughout the game, which give us great advantages, certainly highlighting that each of the classes has a different set of these armors, for this it is ideal that we know what all the legendary armors are that we can have, for this guide and its explanatory content are presented, let's look at it very carefully to get to the precise details.

How to get all the legendary armor in Outriders?

This type of armor requires us to defeat the bosses and enemies that have the highest rank in Outriders, while the difficulty we go through is high, the greater our chances of obtaining all the legendary armor, considering that enemies such as the captain and more powerful will give us a higher percentage of obtaining the loot of this type, so we must then focus on the bosses, with the increase in world difficulty we can access even the best weapons and equipment that includes legendary armor, through our The seller also has an option, seeing that each armor set contains a total of 5 pieces necessary to be completed, which allows you to put the set together by obtaining them all and thus access the associated passive or expertise bonuses, now taking into account How get all the legendary armors in Outriders let's see the percentage of drop of these armors in the world levels, being the following:

  • First level: with the story difficulty the drop percentage is 0
  • Second level: with easy difficulty the drop percentage is 30 percent
  • Third level: with normal difficulty the drop rate is 70 percent
  • Fourth level: with the hard difficulty the drop rate is 130 percent
  • Fifth level: with expert difficulty the drop rate is 215 percent
  • Sixth level: with the master difficulty the drop rate is 285 percent

What are all the legendary armor in Outriders?

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    For each of the classes there is a set of legendary armor in Outriders, so we must consider the following:

    Ravager class

    • Seismic Commander: Gain a 150 percent boost for enemies that go through the bleed state.
    • Statue: An increase in the leech properties of our weapons and our companions is presented with the use of the Golem or Tremors abilities for the increase of our firepower with this armor set.
    • Death Proof: Boulderdash's cooldown is reduced by 90 percent.
    • Marshal: allows you to deal damage to all enemies by gathering them with the infinite mass ability.

    Pyromancer class

    • Torturer: with this set it is possible to reach triple the size and damage to the area where the aura surrounds each bullet with the volcanic projectiles.
    • Lava Liche: as for all the legendary armor we have that this set allows to raise the eruption ability and reducing the cooling time at the same time.
    • Reinforced: Introduced a 50 percent damage increase for the abilities to fuel the flames and heat bomb.
    • Acari: For every enemy we damage we get 25 percent anomaly for 10 seconds in bonus.

    Technomancer Class

    • Monarch Borealis: with this set, frozen enemies will receive 80 percent more damage from weapons and for 10 seconds all members will have CRIT damage as a bonus.
    • Plague Sower: It is possible to get 5 percent damage for 5 seconds when using the Toxic state on enemies.
    • Torrential rain: bombs will be created additionally when using scraps, which allow a considerable radius to be affected.
    • Shadow Inventor: Using the Destruction Tool, you get 20 percent ammo for the minigun and RPG for each of the enemy hits.

    Trickster class

    • Chronosuit: for each time that time is reversed we will recover ammunition.
    • Intruder: inside the slow trap we get invincibility.
    • Ugake Otarah: the use of teleportation that leads us to be behind the enemy that is marked with the Venator knife can be done without losing cooling time.
    • Cannonball: for each enemy that we kill when using melee as a skill, we will be able to reload ammunition each time.

    Finally, now that we know what all the legendary armors are, we can take better advantage of the specific class we are in Outriders.

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