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We follow the tour of Stellaris and this allows us to tell you How to be the Galactic Custodian.

What is the Galactic Custodian in Stellaris?

  This is a representative whose purpose is to command some empires, it is ideal to be appointed for it, as this allows us to be gathered and prepared for what could be threats for the future, especially considering that from now on Stellaris suffers a massive crisis, In this sense, knowing How to be the Galactic Custodian involves us before some interesting activities, this simply translates to doing something good during the limited period of time for which we are appointed.

How to be the Galactic Custodian in Stellaris?

  It is necessary to consider some aspects:
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    • The role of galactic custodian is usually given to a specific empire that the senate considers.
    • It is essential to be chosen as a galactic custodian and to achieve this it is necessary to maintain positive relationships with the empires.
    • Not necessarily all empires can agree with us or have to be to our liking, but it is usually necessary to have those with the most political influence.
    • Having positive actions with several empires can be favorable to be elected galactic custodian.
    • The time chosen as galactic custodian is usually determined.
    • Once we have passed the midpoint of the election, it is possible to tip the balance further in our favor, for this it is only necessary to go to the page of the galactic senate at the top of our screen.
    • When we manage to complete the galactic custodian time we are presented with the opportunity to be a member of the galactic senate.
    • It is possible to bet on the option so that the entire senate can eliminate the limited time of the galactic custodian and if approved it is possible to become a Galactic Emperor.

     Now that you know How to be the Galactic Custodian it is time to try it and thus continue the journey through Stellaris.

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