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Find out how to fix an internet connection error in this excellent and explanatory guide to Outriders.

What to know about internet connection error in Outriders?

With the arrival of the demo of the game, you have the possibility to access the introduction of the game even though it has been launched completely, even managing it for at least 3 hours, only that there have been some errors that are related to the Internet connection, but when investigating it is not a server problem if not because of the large influx of players who seek to play the demo, then to understand How to solve an Internet connection error you must consider the details that follow in this guide, let's look at them.

How to fix internet connection error in Outriders?

Restarting the router and the system can be an option to solve this problem, however it should be noted that it is a very common game just recently launched, which comes to want to find answers on How to solve an Internet connection error, is good to know that the answers are usually quick by Square Enix, considering that many games go through the same error as Outriders now lives, with a massive amount of players trying to play it, but without the developers knowing that this can happen it arrives to have some backup option to expand the capabilities of the server.
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We find a problem that is not related to us, so we can not do anything about How to solve an Internet connection error, we will only have to wait a few days to see if this problem has been corrected in Outriders, but there is to take into account the possibility that the servers are not updated immediately by Squiare Enix, which is presented because there are players with little seriousness, only enter the new game, but they do not stay, so you have to be patient until the next few days until the servers are updated, and they have an expansion or even a decrease in the influx in them.

Despite being sure that the Outriders servers are the cause of the problem, it is important that we make sure that this is on our side, so to solve How to solve an Internet connection error we can consider some solutions such as the following:

  • We reboot the device call it PC, PS4, Xbox and more
  • Play wired
  • Restart the modem or router that allows to clear cache that can cause defects.
  • Channel change from 2.4GHz to 5GHz or vice versa
  • That the NAT type is open
  • Establish a connection from the mobile phone, if it is successful, call the ISP to correct the error
  • Reinstalling the game

So as for How to solve an Internet connection error by viewing the aforementioned options, if the problem still persists, it is certain that the Outriders servers may be down, then we can monitor this situation through Twitter, it is also possible that the cause of this problem can be related to authentication, this can occur in all gaming devices, so we can consider some options while the solution comes from the developers, these being the following for now.

  • When authentication is presented, it is ideal to wait for the presence of the error, something that can be presented in 5 minutes.
  • We restart the game.
  • We restart the router or modem and the system.
  • That the NAT is in moderate or open, the latter being the indicated
  • Try to play at a time when there may be less influx of people playing.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to fix an Internet connection error has been useful so that your return to normality in Outriders is possible.

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