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We continue talking about Outriders which makes it interesting to explain how to beat the altered Bailey.

Who is Bailey in Outriders?

This is simply an NPC with which it is possible to create a bond since we started this game, in that sense, knowing how to defeat the altered Bailey leads us to consider the possibility of embarking on a complex task, as this character tends to get angry and upset enough when she sees that her friends are eliminated, which can make her hostile and that is where it is usually necessary to intervene.

How to beat the deranged Bailey in Outriders?

This is a very complex task and for this it is necessary to consider understanding that the Quest asks them to "Place a receiver on the canopy to track the signal" this usually leads to three area objectives and these are:

Objective 1 Clear the debris: it is necessary to locate ourselves at the route point in the ruins and choose to destroy the first wave of enemies, by doing so it opens the way to clear the debris to continue to the next place.
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    Objective 2 Clear the rocks: It is necessary to take care of all the enemies that are usually present in the patio area.

    Objective 3 climb the tower: it is necessary to be in charge of defeating a total of 3 creatures from the ruins after continuing the path through the market by Waypoint, once the task is done we are allowed to climb the tower.

    Now with the objectives completed we are presented with a bug in the mission inherited in the battle of Bayley altered, for which it is necessary to consider some aspects, and they are:

    • It is possible to freeze the game when using turrets.
    • There is the possibility of being a victim of the failure which makes it necessary to replace the skill we have for now with some other.
    • The bug is only present in some classes.
    • You need to choose to fight an upset Bailey nearby, as he has quick attacks.
    • Disruption abilities must be used in order to hinder talents.
    • Running and dodging are favorable options to apply with Altered Bailey, since his attacks are strong and to know when to do it, just pay attention to the bright red path.
    • It is necessary to choose to cover ourselves with the pillars so as not to be hit, because the arena where we fight is quite narrow.
    • Dodge to avoid dying is necessary above all, we must do it more regularly when we see blue circles on the ground.
    • Continuously executing headshots during combat is the way to beat him.

    In this sense, knowing how to beat the altered Bailey allows us to have the possibility of demonstrating our strength to beat a boss in Outriders.

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