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The action in Outriders does not stop, so today we are going to explain to you what is the crafting location.

What to know about Outriders?

There are some vitally important mechanics in the game, where Crafting is a vital part of progress, but it will not be counted on from the beginning, so before knowing which is the Crafting location, other mechanics must be mastered, then to help us to have details we will have the content of this guide, you just have to follow carefully and more from now on with the following details, let's see.
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What is the crafting location in Outriders?

 With the progress during the main story we will get to resolve what is the crafting location, once we get to rescue Dr. Zahedi from First City we will have this in each of the old stops that exist in Outriders, only that the Crafting It can require great expenses because it is so expensive, considering that modifications of the equipment can be made, once we get to unlock a new world level is when it becomes the right moment for crafting, it is an advantage that it is reached have higher level objects when coinciding with the elimination of some bosses, thus having an empirical customization that becomes timely when reaching the next content, achieving less expenses in the different improvements that go from skills to armor mods, firepower and more to have the confrontations with greater comfort.

Weapons and armor can only be found in the world to later modify them, these cannot be manufactured, which means the need to obtain the different loot through the chests, where you can find many objects in Outriders, ideal for the different modifications that we can make, while we have the resources it is possible to obtain a weapon through the modification with the legendary objects, now in terms of the crafting location it is good to consider the actions that are presented to us on the screen corresponding and these are the following.


  •  The improvement of rarity: for objects the corresponding increase in rarity is allowed, this represents a cost in titanium to reach the epic level and for weapons or armor we have ingots or leather, considering that it is possible to increase an object up to the aforementioned epic level, with the manufacture it is not possible to take it from epic to legendary.
  • The attributes: with the attribution splinters that we obtain when we dismantle it, it is possible to increase the attributes that the object has, certainly the splinters can be accumulated through the change of builds.
  • The Mod Gear: a modification slot is required in order for this function to allow operation with rare or superior quality equipment so that these can be modified, with leather and ingots we can make the modifications freely, as long as let us have the corresponding modifications for the previous disassembly.
  • Improve the level: with the use of titanium it is possible that the level of equipment we can improve it, taking into account that when leveling up an object allows its power to also increase, only that the titanium that is required to achieve it turns out to be scarce.


Knowing which is the Crafting location is interesting, because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Outriders.

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