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Find out where to find all the iron nodes of the Deadrock Pass in this excellent and explanatory Outriders guide.

What to know about the iron nodes in Outriders?

It is one of the very important resources that we can find in the game, with this we can get to make very powerful weapons, so it is necessary to know where to find all the iron nodes of the Deadrock pass and to find the answers necessary we have this guide to guide us, let's just pay attention to what comes next.

Where to find all the iron nodes of the Deadrock pass in Outriders?

We have to figure out where to find all the iron nodes of the Deadrock pass in Outriders we have to consider the following locations:
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    • First: we have to go to the forest area to find a huge rock to the left of an excavator, next to it is the first of the iron nodes.
    • Second: during the vision secondary mission we have that in the surrounding bandit camp there is this iron node.
    • Third: very close to the previous node we have to go in the opposite direction, turning to the right passing through some wooden stairs and near a chest we find this one.
    • Fourth: you have to go to the log warehouse that is in the southeast of the map in a corner, inside the place we find it.
    • Fifth: in the same way we have that this node is in a similar place to the previous one, only when a red crane passes near a corpse.
    • Sixth: we have this in the Lumber Mill when we are in the Quest A Free Mraket, when we descend the cliff we will have it to the right of the mountain.
    • Seventh: for the same area as the previous one, only further down the mountain.
    • Eighth: we have to go to the mountain tunnel area, between the logging station and the road junction, we find it near the sign that says wanted.
    • Ninth: starting from the same area as the previous node, we will find it further ahead of the tunnel opening.
    • Tenth: at the logging station we have to talk to Jakub to access the area of ​​the remains, as we approach we have to turn left and thus find the node near some planks.
    • Eleventh: in the same place as the previous node, only in the depths of the logging station near the military vehicle we found it.

    Thus, we finalize our guide on where to find all the iron nodes of the Deadrock pass, hoping that you can get the best out of Outriders, a very moved game.

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