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Outriders continue to occupy us and therefore it is necessary to tell you how to get Sergio's beret.

What is Sergio's beret in Outriders?

  This is simply a legendary object that allows us to get defensive and offensive improvements, this can in a certain way generate some changes that can be favorable, since it has interesting statistics that are usually clearly related to the possibility of being a legendary object.

How to get Sergio's beret in Outriders?

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    To obtain it, it is necessary to consider that it can be obtained from:


    •  The spoils of the enemies.
    • With the seller.
    • In button chests.


     Sergio's beret is usually a necessary artifact at the end of the game, because as we progress we are allowed to make more explorations and therefore we must have various artifacts that can be favorable, there is the possibility of cultivating legendary equipment but this is not necessarily guaranteed in missions, however, it is possible to approach this search in such a way that this makes us choose to:


    •  Embark on Chemplant's expedition missions.
    • Choose to visit Tiago's store at the camp.


     Once we have obtained Sergio's beret, it is well worth considering these mods:

    Bloodlust: this allows us to execute deadly shots that allow us to increase the firepower in 17505, which allows it to accumulate up to 3 times and therefore this can deteriorate every 10 seconds, this is a level 2 mod.

     Sharp eye: this mode allows you to kill enemies by aiming with the scope and gives us 16089 of firepower for 20 seconds, this can stack up to 3 times and is a level 3 mod.

    Sergio's beret can offer us:


    •  Cooldown reduction.
    • Power of state.
    • Power bonus.

     In general terms, knowing How to get Sergio's beret allows us to delve into the search for a valuable resource in Outriders.

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