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With our Outriders guide you will learn more about How to beat chrysaloid, let's see.

Who is the chrysaloid in Outriders?

It is the fourth boss that we will face in the main story of the game, we will find it in the forest once it attacks our convoy, which will cause a deviation from our path, then we will progress until we get to see it again, and We will have to face it, it is important to consider being at a comfortable level before this fight, because it can bring some difficulty if we have a somewhat low level, then the weapons have an important role, especially the long-range ones and that our equipment is improved can be of great help, now to have an idea of How to beat chrysaloid we will find some details in the following content.

How to beat chrysaloid in Outriders?

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    This combat we have to be divided into a couple of stages in Outriders, so it is necessary to take into account what happens in each of these to understand how to beat the chrysaloid then let's see.

    • Stage 1: the attacks that the chrysaloid will use in this stage are the radiation breath, claw strike, the first and the stone throw, where each of these bring general effects, but they are possible to dodge with just running and roll through the areas that are marked in red, the radiation breath being the one with the greatest power, because with this it will cause the greatest amount of damage, in order to avoid it we have to seek refuge in a rock covering our body completely, which allows to resist the explosion.
    • Stage 2: the same attacks from the previous stage are maintained, only it adds an enemy to face, these are the Strix of which to take care of while we focus on the chrysaloid, they can certainly be a nuisance to the Strix, because they work to distance and are capable of causing toxic damage, but if we use a long-range weapon we can eliminate them easily, at the same time without giving the chrysaloid space so that at any moment we can finish with it and be able to access a legendary weapon.

    In conclusion, knowing how to beat chrysaloid is excellent, because we can advance further in this interesting Outriders.

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