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We keep talking about failures and this time it is in Twitch, we are going to How to fix the lack of sound during transmission.

What causes the lack of sound during transmission in Twich?

There are various reasons why we get this type of failure, because sometimes it is necessary to try some simple tactics, in this sense, knowing how to repair the lack of sound during transmission leads us to consider some inconveniences that may be the internet connection, as this usually causes a lag, and therefore we have the problem with the sound, however, there are other factors why this Twitch failure arises, as it may be due to the browser or simply and perhaps the most relevant, obsolete drivers, in such a way that it is pertinent to pay attention to every detail and to make things easier for you, we bring you some valuable solutions.

How to fix no sound during streaming in Twitch?

Fortunately, there are several solutions that can be perfectly applied, and then we go into more detail about them:

Verify the internet connection:
this is a simple action to carry out, as it is vital to verify that the connection is not slow, if it is, this can throw us this failure, where there is the possibility that the audio and video may suffer problems while we transmit, in such a way that knowing how to repair the lack of sound during transmission, leads us to consider paying attention to this detail in the first place, it is feasible to test the connection before starting the transmission and in this way avoid problems in Twitch.

Choose to update the browser:
this is another interesting solution about How to fix the lack of sound during transmission, although it is true that browsers usually update automatically, it is well worth checking it and for this it is necessary to do it manually, (we leave an example in the case of Google Chorme)
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    • We must open the browser.
    • Then go to the right corner.
    • We proceed to click on the 3-point button.
    • We proceed to select "Configuration".
    • We located in the left panel to click on "About Chrome" and that's it.

    Repair the browser:
    this is another action favorable enough to correct the sound error during a transmission in Twitch, for this it is necessary:

    • Go to the address bar in order to write "Chrome: // settings"
    • Then we will see a search bar where it will only be necessary to write "Reset"
    • Next we will see that the search will return us to the option "Reset and clean"
    • We must click on "Reset the settings to their original values"
    • To finish we click on "set the configuration" and that's it.

    Renew the audio driver of the PC:
    we continue looking for options about How to repair the lack of sound during transmission and this allows us to take a look at the audio driver, because when these are obsolete, they tend to generate problems, for this it is necessary:

    • Locate the Windows search box where we will write "Device Manager" and open it.
    • Then we must navigate to "Sound, video and game controllers."
    • In the audio driver we click with the right button of the mouse and choose to select "Update driver".
    • We click on "Automatically search for the driver" and that's it.

    Eliminate audio enhancements:
    this is another favorable option, because sometimes we usually activate them for simple activities such as listening to music, but on some occasions these tend to affect us, in the case of Twitch transmissions they can become a problem, for this it is necessary:

    • Go to the system inbox in the right corner of the desktop.
    • Proceed to right-click on the speaker icon.
    • Then it is necessary to click on "Sounds"
    • Then we go to the "Playback" tab to click the right mouse button on the audio device.
    • In the dialog box we will click on the "Advanced" tab.
    • Next it is necessary to go to "Signal improvements"
    • Proceed to uncheck the box next to "Enable audio enhancements."

    This is all you need to know about how to fix the lack of sound during transmission, so that you can apply these simple, but interesting solutions and continue working as usual in Twitch.

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