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2021-04-09 07:50:13

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We have made for you a Astroneer guide where we are going to tell you How to obtain aluminum.

What is aluminum in Astronner?

This is simply a highly necessary resource, because as in everyday life it has various functionalities, here it allows us to use it to develop some modules, in such a way that it becomes necessary to embark on an interesting search that cannot be overlooked.

How to get aluminum in Astroneer?

This is a resource that requires in the first instance to make ourselves with laterite, to get it is necessary to take a look underground at the red and bluish deposits, these are cylinder-shaped and choose to melt it in the furnace.

There is the option of getting this resource with some other materials such as:
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    • A tungsten
    • An iron
    • A compound.

    Now, to get aluminum it is necessary to build the furnace first, this usually requires:

    • 2 resins.
    • 1 composite through medium printer.

    This casting process leads us to enter the laterite in the furnace and when the aluminum is obtained to manufacture the objects that we consider necessary, some require a large printer, others a small printer, here is a list of the objects that can be manufactured:

    Objects that require a large printer:

    • Landing platform.
    • Small ferry.

    Objects that require a medium printer:

    • Soil centrifuge.
    • Buggy.

    Objects that require a small printer:

    • Oxygenator.
    • Automatic arm.
    • Tractor.
    • Medium generator.
    • Trailer.
    • Solid fuel propellant.
    To make an aluminum alloy you need to do it in a chemistry lab.

    Now that you know how to obtain aluminum, it is time to get involved in this search in Astroneer.

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