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We are back in the world of Terraria, and we intend to tell you How to make a potion of anger.

What is the potion of rage in Terraria?

This is simply a consumable object that we can manufacture perfectly well, for this it is necessary to consider, on the one hand, having all the necessary ingredients for its respective preparation, and on the other hand, understanding that the potion is usually useful enough to get the Rage Buff "

How to make an anger potion in Terraria?

It is necessary in the first instance to have:
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    Grass of death: to get it is necessary to go to the corrupted biome, it is usually inside growing either in the crimson grass or in the ebony stone blocks.

    Bottled water: this is usually made with two glasses and an oven, as we must use it in a water source such as a sink and choose to convert it into bottled water.

    Hemopiranha: This is a strange enough fish and to catch it you need to fish it in a crimson cape.

    Once we have these resources, the preparation work for it is necessary:

    • Have an alchemy table or a bottle placed, this usually happens according to our platform.
    • The alchemy table can be obtained by exploring the dungeon biome.
    • In the case of the placed bottle, it is necessary to use a bottle or vase and place it on a piece of furniture.

    This is everything you need to know about How to make an anger potion, so it is only vital to look for the necessary materials in Terraria, good luck.

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