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This time we bring you a Nioh 2 guide where our purpose is to explain how to raise the resistance bar.

  We will find that Nioh 2 has a very complex combat system, which at the beginning will turn out to be very exhausting, for this we have that the resistance will play a role of great importance for our character, in this guide we will specifically give the answers that are needed to understanding of How to Raise the Resistance Bar, so pay close attention to it.
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    What do we need to know about the resistance bar at Nioh 2?

    In the game we have that the Stamina is related to 2 different things, one is regarding the green bar that is below the health called ki, which has a performance related to resistance in other kinds of games of Souls , the regeneration is constant and reducing itself to the actions that are executed such as attacking or dodging it, the other is that of Stamina capital, which has to do with the 8 statistics that will determine the composition that our character has and oriented meet.

    How to raise the resistance bar at Nioh 2?

    For the increase of our Stamina stat, we have that this will be able to create confusion, it will not affect the reality of our ki, instead it will be used to increase the maximum life of a character and also the amount of equipment weight that can be used without any impediment, the resistance bar can be increased, by reinforcing 2 other statistics, these are responsible for causing direct damage to our ki.

    Heart is the name of the 1st statistic, our character will have a maximum increase in his ki when it is increased, being in itself the easiest way for us to increase our resistance, in option 2, we find Courage, this is in charge of managing the speed in which our ki will be regenerated, that is to say that the importance of this will be key, much more than that of Heart, because we can not prevent our ki from being depleted and recovering it is a factor of importance, the mixture of both Statistics will lead us to success, for this we must be focused on improving 3 or 4 statistics, when starting the game and among these we must prioritize Heart and Courage.

    Now with these guidelines presented in this Nioh 2 guide you should be able to understand how to raise the resistance bar and thus improve your performance in this adventure.

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