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Nioh 2: How to Get Elixirs - Tips and tricks

2020-03-15 18:59:25

The essential elements are essential in Nioh 2, so today we will explain how to obtain more elixirs

What are the elixirs in Nioh 2?

These are simply important items that are restorative and are usually single-use, allowing us to use them to succeed in our encounters, the bloodiest ones being precisely the ones in Bloodborne, allowing us to be able to grind when we consider it necessary.

It is important to know that we need to keep a maximum of 8 elixirs, of course that does not mean that there are not more, since it is possible to get us with others only that we will have to transport them to a warehouse, where our stocks can be replenished. Normally they are the enemies, the ones in charge of dropping some elixirs, which can generally be obtained randomly while we loot the bodies or we simply get some chests, as you will see. How to obtain more elixirs is a necessary activity while we are active.
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    How to get more elixirs in Nioh 2?

    To obtain more elixirs we must locate ourselves in the Sanctuary, where it is important to go to the sub-menu called "make an offering", as this allows us to have a variety of restaurateurs, for which we will have to start with making an offering to Kodama the caretaker of the Sanctuary, because there we will make the donation of an unwanted equipment in exchange for Divine Rice, the necessary currency to use while we are in the bazaar, because with this donation we are offered the possibility of winning more elixirs.

    Kodama offers us the possibility of receiving a blessing, only that we are looking for is the Blessing of the Healer, because it is precisely this that can allow us the possibility of obtaining more elixirs by opening the chests by 5 percent, defeating the enemies, in addition to get 5 percent with each healer who can be led back to the Shrine.

    Another important detail is that elixirs can be bought in the Kodoma Bazaar only that for this it is necessary to have enough Divine Rice, for which it is ideal to have the Blessing of the Healer, since this offers us the possibility of offering Divine Rice in exchange for unwanted equipment and thereby keeping the reserve healthy, as it is a phenomenal reward that we can acquire while moving through Nioh 2.

    Finally, knowing how to get more elixirs is an interesting activity that is offered to us while we are playing Nioh 2, dare to get them, it is fantastic.

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    March 13, 2020
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