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2020-05-24 23:29:02

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How to travel fast in Maneater - Guide

  Normal maps can themselves be a bit tricky for beginners. but when the map is as big and varied as the Maneater, you will want to know the fastest way to move. With miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico along with underwater cave systems and other features, you'll have plenty to do.

Going from one place to another can be the longest and most challenging part of any goal, but luckily there is a fast travel system, and we will explain how to achieve it.

How to travel fast Maneater?

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To travel fast you must use the caves found in the eight main areas because they have their own property that you must discover before venturing out on other missions.

To do this, simply pick up the map with the d-pad or M on the PC.

Scroll until you find the Grotto for the area you want to travel to quickly. Once the cursor is there, you should see an option for fast travel. Press and hold X on Xbox One, Square on PS4, or Enter PC to quickly travel to that Grotto, popping up there in an instant as soon as the upload is complete.

Using the grottos serves as a good moment of rest from all that war that has taken place on the high seas.

With all this said, How to travel fast in Maneater should be a simpler task now that you know how. Good luck devouring!

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