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Today we decided to make a Maneater guide in order to explain how to get the collectibles in Fawtick Bayou

What are the Fawtick Bayou collectibles in Maneater?

Before knowing how to get the collectibles in Fawtick Bayou it is necessary to be clear that there are three types of collectibles in this game, they are not usually easily accessible, but we will also have to venture to get them even if this involves some effort, either by jumping over the land or exploring in the depths of the ocean.
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    How to get the collectibles in Fawtick Bayou in Maneater?

    It is evident that while we are playing Maneater we have the possibility of getting some amount of collectibles, since it is the advantage of having a game where exploration has a lot to offer us, normally the objects that we get here usually satisfy us and this allows us to dedicate some part to it important of our time to the game.

    • 10 License plates: These are simply license plates and our task here is not really very complex, since it will only be necessary to ram them if taking into account that it is an activity that we can carry out with the hungry shark.
    • 10 Reference points: Fawtick Bayou has 10 reference points that we must register after having passed through the yellow points in the same way that it is possible to do it with the points of the Dead Horse Lake.
    • 17 Nutrient deposits: These are other elements that we need to achieve but with only one specific objective and that is to destroy them.

     Normally these collectibles are part of the game scene, considering that it is undoubtedly a space with many areas to explore, where some activities can become somewhat more complex but that in one way or another, form this shark adventure that this generating enough to do.

     Now that you know how to get the collectibles in Fawtick Bayou it is only time to dive into Maneater and explore all the areas it brings to us, give it a try, it's really worth it.

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    Release date:
    May 22, 2020

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