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2020-05-25 10:27:05

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In Maneater it is possible to get us with changes, let's see How to evolve your shark.

Why is it necessary to evolve your shark in Maneater?

You must consider that when you start this game it is just a baby and it cannot always stay this way, since there are many activities that you will have to do, normally it is good to consider that it can become a great beast, because this allows you to be able to achieve some achievements, experience, eating a lot which implies the need to eat other creatures, but this in itself can be summed up as a great shark capable of facing all challenges and achieving excellent objectives.

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How to evolve your shark in Maneater?

The evolution process is moderately complex, since it means evolving the body, tail, head, fins, jaws especially and this can be done as soon as some missions are finished, in certain places in the game, considering that it is vital to check the mission in the log because normally each one usually has different rewards, it is also possible to have 5 levels of statistics.

To achieve the evolution it is only necessary to consider clicking on one of the slots and this can be done freely, because there you get to make the respective changes, the detail is that these evolutions do not come alone and although it is very fun to make them, they bring with them some changes relevant as:

  •  The change in some aspects of the game.
  • The possibility of doing more damage.
  • It is possible to become an electric shark.
  • It can become a poisonous shark.

To make these changes in the evolution it is necessary to click on the part of the shark that you consider updating, then it will be necessary to press the indicated update button, in the specific case of Xbox One is Y on the controller.

 In this sense, knowing how to evolve your shark is simply a simple task that you achieve playing Maneater and you can give it another twist.

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